The Interview – From the HR Perspective

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As the administrator of an eyecare practice, hiring the right people is often your most difficult task. Of course, hiring front desk staff, technicians, and even opticians that stay forever would create a near-perfect environment, but you have accepted that perfect is hard to come by and roll with the punches. When it comes to [...]

Winning the Interview Game

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Congratulations! Your resume scored big, and now you are scheduled for an interview. While it’s your dream job, however, there’s more than one eyecare professional vying for the same spot. So, what can you do to stack the deck in your favor? In the end, it’s not just being a strong candidate – it’s being [...]

What Most Employers Want to See on Your Resume

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In today’s extremely competitive job market, there are many applicants for the same jobs. Many hiring managers make a decision about an applicant in a matter of seconds, just by scanning your resume. In order to make it past the first step, the review of the resume, and make it to the second step of [...]

see you at vision expo west!

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Take advantage of the captive audience at Vision Expo West Everyone wins in Vegas! Putting your career opportunity in front of the largest gathering of eye care professionals in the world has never been easier. On top of the already amazing program that is imatters advertising, placing an ad prior to Vision Expo West will provide [...]

Trouble sleeping? 7 steps to a good night’s rest.

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“Feeling tired should never be considered normal,” says Michael Breus, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan. In other words, you shouldn’t settle for chronic fatigue in your everyday life, because you can help control how much sleep you’re getting. Try these tips for falling asleep more quickly and soundly, and [...]